What is in the wizard’s pocket?

This week we have been reading poems and have been poets ourselves.  We read 10 Things in a wizard’s pocket by Ian McMillan and then have been writing our own ideas about what else could be in there pocket.  Paddington Class came up with some fantastic ideas and have written some excellent poems about them.  Some of the ideas include:

  • A beautiful, glorious, colourful rainbow as lovely as heaven.
  • A thin, long, green snake as long as a skipping rope slithering around.
  • A yummy, compact, magic chocolate bar that you never finish eating and it never melts.
  • A pink, old, ripped spell book sitting on the chair silently.
  • A creepy, haunted, magical wand being moved quickly around everywhere.
  • A jumbled, shaky, shiny potion shaking like a cold person.
  • A shiny pack of fallen stars twinkling brightly.



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