Robinson Class

We have had another wonderful week in the sunshine, a perfect way to end the term.

In English, the children have finished their hot writes on a journey tale. The children used the story of the lighthouse keeper to write their own journey stories with character descriptions. I am so impressed with their final work and they should all be very proud.

In Maths, we have been learning all about fractions. We have learnt to halve and quarter shapes and amounts and find three quarters of a shape or amount. The children are able to articulate using mathematical vocabulary what one half, one quarter of three quarters are.

In RE, we were fortunate to take part in a Prayer Space session led by St Benedict’s church. This was a lovely experience for the children, allowing them to have time to reflect, have quiet time to themselves and visit a variety of thought provoking activities. The children were able to consider the qualities of friendship, both in terms of what they expected from a friend but also how they could be a good friend too. They were able to consider their hopes and dreams for the future and let go of any concerns and worries. The children really benefitted from this experience.

In Art, we have been learning about colours and how to create different colours and shades using our powder paints. The was concluded by choosing a leaf with different colours from our outdoor area and then painting it by mixing different shades in the classroom. It was a wonderful unit of work which the children have thoroughly enjoyed.


I hope you have a lovely half term.

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