Year 1- Paddington- Digital Leaders and Microbits

Wow Paddington Class have had a fantastic afternoon! We were very lucky as the digital leaders came to teach everyone all about Microbits. We listened very carefully to their instructions and then used the computer to code the Microbits to show smiley faces, our names, music and many more things. We had to be careful with our coding to make sure the instructions were really clear and to which button we wanted.

The digital leaders were fantastic and we all learnt something new about coding (even Miss Leatherland!)

Here are some of our favourite bits:

Beau- I loved everything!

Grace- I loved all of it and the happy birthday bit!

Lucius- My favourite part was the music and everything!

Faith- My favourite bit was making the pictures on the Microbits!

Isabel- I liked when we wrote my name on the Microbits!

Libby- I liked making my name and doing the pictures. We made a stickman!

Bethany- I loved taking it in turns to share the Microbits!

Well done everyone!

Miss Leatherland 🙂

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