Year 1: Paddington

This week we began our whole school topic based on Romeo and Juliet. The children have really impressed me with their attitude towards this topic and how open they have been to try different drama techniques to become immersed into the story. We have been playing lots of different games to build on our confidence to perform in front of others and get into role as a character. So far, we have learnt that there are two families in the story who do not like each other. To understand this further we played a game where the children wore different coloured bands to determine which family they were in, Capulets or Montagues. The children then walked around the room and could say hello and be friendly to the children with the same coloured band. However, if they came across a child in a different colour they had to look cross and angry to see them. It was great fun and the children really thought about the emotions of the characters and how the families felt.

Today the children came into the class to find a mysterious box!! Carefully, we looked through the box to reveal each item. Can you remember what was hidden inside? Once we had looked at the objects we predicted who we thought the objects belonged to. The children spent some time exploring the objects, looking at the material, design and more. When we came back together we wrote sentences to describe each object using WOW words and similes!

Well done Paddington Class, I wonder who we will meet later this week from our story!

Miss Leatherland 🙂

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