A busy start to the new year

Wiggins Class have had a very busy start to 2019 and we have all made our new year’s resolutions too! They range from trying harder with Home Learning to getting dressed without any help, particularly useful after our Tuesday swimming sessions this term. Our first swimming session was incredible. Both Wiggins and Robinson Class were so excited and amazed all the staff with their increased confidence in the pool. We can really tell which children go swimming with their families, something which is not only a lovely thing to do together but such an important life skill too.

We have also started to learn about the story and characters in Shakespeare’s tragedy, Romeo and Juliet. We have done lots of drama work so far, learning how the Montague family and the Capulet family really didn’t get along with each other. We are going to focus our work around the masquerade ball for the remaining part of the unit and I am looking forward to teaching the children a dance that might have been done at the time!

Yesterday we travelled by minibus to Milton Keynes to enjoy the pantomime, Robin Hood. What a privilege it was to enjoy this show with our wonderful children in the SU. Despite the scary 3d part, the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and joined in enthusiastically with the “Oh yes we are” parts!

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