Since Christmas, we have embarked on undoubtedly the best topic in Year 6: The Rainforests.  So far we have looked at where in the world rainforests are found and have discovered that they are all situated in the tropics and their climate is very consistent during the year.  Next we studied the layers of the rainforests and their characteristics along with the creatures that are found in each storey.  This week we have linked in our science work and looked at Aristotle’s system of classifying living things and how the classification system has developed to include 5 kingdoms that are then sub-divided into species.  Ask us what the 7 life processes are and see if we can remember them, along with how many species scientists believe exist in the world- it’s all mind-blowing stuff!

Next week we are moving on to research the plants and creatures that live in the Amazon rainforest and we can’t wait until Rainforest Dave visits on the 4th February.

Mrs de B

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