Year 2 Ennis – Vincent Van Gogh

Welcome back Ennis class! We had a great week last week after a lovely long Easter break and we have jumped straight back into learning.

In our Art lessons this term, we are looking at the work of Vincent Van Gogh. One of his most famous paintings was called Sunflowers. We have started to create our own drawings based on his work and during our second session this afternoon, we introduced oil pastels. We have tried to use these oil pastels in the same style that Van Gogh used to paint – he did short dashes rather than blocks of colour, as you can see below in some of his pictures.

Have a look at some of our creations this afternoon. We started by just using our pencils and we had 3 attempts, making some improvements each time. Can you see the difference? We then chose our best sunflower, had a quick practise using the oil pastels on a scrap piece of paper, then used some dashes on our favourite picture to add some colour.


We are all artists in Ennis class!


Miss Gedney

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