Year 2 Ennis Science – Solids and liquids

Today in our science lesson, we got to experiment with jelly!

We have been learning about solids and liquids and how some materials can change shape.

Today, we were looking at the difference in jelly. First we looked at the jelly and how it comes in a packet and it is solid, then we cut it up and melted it in a bowl using warm water and to our amazement, it turned into a liquid!
We looked at the set jelly and observed how it had turned back into a solid when it was chilled in the fridge.

We were lucky enough to taste the jelly too to see how it tasted.

Here are some of the observations from the children…

‘When I got the jelly it melted and it was sticky on my hand’ Bethany 

‘When I put the jelly in my mouth it turned to liquid’ Taylor 

‘When I tasted the jelly it melted in my mouth. When it was in my mouth it wasn’t solid.’ Libby

‘In my mouth it turned to a liquid’ Beau

What a fun science lesson! Well done Ennis class.



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