Mozart – Another busy, creative week!

It has been another busy week in Mozart! This week, we have enjoyed using our creativity in lots of lessons. In English, we have enjoyed learning our model text all about Tree Giants! The children have had great fun coming up with the actions to help them re-tell the model text. Even though the children remembered learning about this in Year 3, they have spotted that the text is different and there are some extra parts added in. In one of our lessons, we unpicked the text in more detail, thinking about which parts of the text help us to create a picture on our minds of what a tree giant looks like! After this, we drew pictures of the image we had in our head and compared these with our talk partners. In Science, we have been learning about States of Matter and the water cycle. On Wednesday, we really enjoyed writing a diary entry from the perspective of a water drop, writing all about the adventure the water drop had had as part of the water cycle! Finally, this Friday afternoon, we finished off a great week with an enjoyable Art lesson, developing our sketching skills. We have been learning about different sketching techniques and how we can change the shade or tone of our sketching by applying more or less pressure to our pencils. Today, we focused on sketching in more detail, working hard on holding our pencil correctly to practice this. Have a look at some of the pictures below to see some of the work!

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