Year 2 Ennis – Ice Cream Treat!

To finish our Science unit with a bang, we made ice cream!

We have been looking at solids and liquids and how they change shape and ice cream starts off as a liquid but then when it is frozen it turns into a solid, before melting into a liquid again. It has been great fun learning about solids and liquids and we’ve enjoyed all of our experiments!

To make the ice cream today, we didn’t have to wait for hours for it to freeze! We used ice cubes to chill the cream and turn it into a solid.

You just need a handful of ice, a couple of tbsp salt, a small amount of cream (¼ of a pot) and 2 tbsp sugar.

Mix milk, sugar and vanilla essence in the small bag and seal. Put plenty of ice and the salt in the large bag, add the small bag to the large bag and seal. Shake vigorously for 5 minutes (could be wrapped in a towel), serve and eat!

Lots of the children asked for the recipe for our ice cream so I have attached the image below.


What good fun we had!


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