Year 1: Paddington Forest School

Wow we had so much fun at Forest School this week! Just as we were about to begin a game of 1, 2 ,3 where are you, the children noticed something. We looked around the forest and realised all of the good hiding spaces had changed. The leaves have now fallen off most of the trees and bushes meaning we had to be extra inventive about where we could hide! We discussed why this has happened and looked at the tree we have been recording each session to see how it had changed.

In Science we have been learning about the seasons and how the animals change as well as the nature around us depending on the season. We watched a short video that explained how hedgehogs hibernate through the winter. The children were inspired by this video to make their own hedgehog houses. The children worked in teams to disguise the buckets and make nice, cosy winter homes for the creatures. Many of the children spent the whole forest school session searching for the right leaves, twigs and berries to use in their hedgehog dens.

Well done Paddington Class πŸ™‚

Have a lovely weekend.


Miss Leatherland πŸ™‚

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