Dahl – Word Wizards

On Friday, Dahl Class finished their work on how to write an explanation. They really enjoyed writing about machines they had invented, from contraptions that do your hair and make-up, to sock sorters, to a machine to put an end to bad dreams. The children are broadening the range of words they use to combine chunks of meaning into longer sentences – well done everyone.

Please could you help your child to become ‘word rich’ by ensuring they collect and bring in to school new words they have learned the meaning of at home. They just need to jot the word down somewhere and its meaning and bring it into school to share with the class. The words could be found in a book they are reading but could also come from a TV program they have watched. Lets try to all bring in 3 or more words each this week. Words collected by each class in school are counted on a Wednesday so any brought in after that will be added to the following week’s total. Thank you for help.

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