Another story to brighten your weekend :)

Thank you Sofia, for saying a big ‘yes’ as well. Enjoy everyone. I think this is Sofia’s best story yet!

In a quiet, peaceful land stood a village spread out across a beautiful forest. Children wildly ran arounde the trees gathering flowers and berries bringing baskets full home for their families. Perching on the branches, birds chirped cheerfully filling the whole forest with beautiful singing. Deer skipped joyfully across the fields collecting food for their baby fawns. In the distance a dark, gloomy mist surrounded a mammoth, spooky mountain standing tall and proud reminding the villagers of terrible legends.

On a small, grassy hill stood a pretty cottage and in that cottage lived an 11 year old young boy named Olly who lived with his mum Kelly and his little sister Clair [ who was 9 years old ] . Olly’s bushy brown hair covered his forehead so his shimmering blue eyes were barely visable visible, and his twig like fingers were continually pushing it back behind his ears. All of the village knew who Olly was as he towered tall above the rest of the teenagers with his skinny torso and snow white skin. He spent most of his time in the sunny outdoors skateboarding with his two best friends Max and Oscar: together they were triple trouble . They also loved exploring   forbidden places in the town and they always ended up getting into trouble or danger. As Olly and his friends played they looked across the distance to see the mountain surrounded by mist remembering the stories their grandparents had told them about when the monsters came from the island and destroyed the town.

On the island, in the distance, lived hundreds of monsters they came in all shapes and sizes. But there was one type of monster and there was only one of it’s kind that kind of monster was called Losnep . He had no name so everyone called him Losnepa .He had blue, wrinkled skin his arms were as bent as a wire and could grab anything in his way. He spent most of his time swimming in the ocean around his island and eating any humans that entered his island. His dream was to find monsters of his kind. For he was a lot more lonely than anyone realised.

One beautiful Sunday morning, Olly and his friends were staring at the mountain covered in mist wandering if the monsters would ever attack the village again. So Olly and his friends decided they wanted to do some thing to save the village from the possibility of destruction. They came up with a brave and clever plan to try and find the entrance to the monster realm, to go and defeat the monsters once and for all! They had heard stories from their grandparents that had been passed down from their ancestors that their weakness was red hot fire. Thinking about the best thing to do, the three courageous boys decided they would make fire sticks from branches they discovered in the leafy forest. ” Maybe if we charge at the monsters with our flaming fire sticks they might be to scared to attack us? ” suggested Oscar. Would the 3 boys succeed with their mischievous plan ?

A week later under the cover of darkness, the three nervous boys snuck out from their beds and met each other by the edge of the silent forest. Max had brought his kayak from the garden shed. “This will help us reach the island!” He declared. They crept quickly and quietly across the hills and fields until they reached the edge of the water. Max place the kayak into the water and they jumped in full of hope. As quick as they could the three boys speedily rode across the dark, flat water to the island and the mysterious monsters realm.

Climbing to the top on the steep mountain they found an entrance hidden in the rock, with a staircase leading down. As they slowly emerged into the unknown the friends quickly realised that they had made a terrible mistake! Seeing the monsters in their world, the boys were petrified. Human skeletons were spread across the floor and there were some pinned on the outside of the houses. The could hear the noises of monsters fighting, the growling and roaring hurt their ears. It sounded like there were thousands of them. The monsters would want to eat them as soon as they saw them! Olly, Max and Oscar were frozen with fear but they realised if they wanted to live they would have to run! “We need to retreat back to the village!” Olly shouted in fright.

Losnepa and his army heard the boys shout and followed them, as if to attack them. The rampaging monsters chased the three boys back to their village, the boys shouting warnings to their families as they dashed back to safety. The monsters started to destroy the village, by ripping houses of the ground and grabbing innocent villagers to eat them. Everyone was petrified and confused. Olly and his friends realised that this was all their fault and regretted ever going to the monsters realm. “This is all our fault!” Declared Oscar. What are we going to do about it?” Asked Max. “I know! I have a plan!” Said Olly hurridly. Olly called all the villagers together to stand against the monsters “Monsters!” He called “stop fighting! We can be friends, come and join our village and we can all live in harmony!” Losnepa realises that he would rather have some new friends and a new world to explore, and that destroying the village was wrong. He did not like seeing the villagers scared and frightened of him, it made him feel sad. He did not want to eat them anymore. “STOP!” Screamed Losnepa “We need to stop this fighting! We all need some new friends.” Losnepa told his army to stop fighting and offered peace to the village. Together they built a bridge between the two world and lived happily in harmony together for ever after.



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