Year 5 – Storytime – Defeat a Monster

This week our English tasks have helped us with ideas for story writing today. We have written ‘defeat the monster’ stories and below is Coby’s  wonderful story:

Clara and the Enchanted Voice


At the world’s beginning, when dragons still roamed, there was a mystical land called Vallarum. The land of Vallarum was caught in a gruesome and devastating war between the Dwarves of Estroth and the Elves of Landwyn. Vallarum was a land of trees, mountains and caves. These caves could sometimes move, but only very slowly, confusing the dwarves that regularly mined there. The gnarled and entangled trees did not stand upright, instead they curved over the swampy moors, like bridges over a stream.

There was a young Elven girl called Clara, who was ten years old, wore glasses, and had a magical voice. She was on her way to meet the Elven Elders (who would give her their orders). Every year, in an effort to cease the war, the wise elves would send one of their kind to reason with the Dwarf King, Rothno of Estroth.

After a long journey, Clara reached Estroth and was sent to a room to relax until the meeting was called. Whilst she was resting, she heard two Dwarf guards in the corridor, outside her room, speaking about something that she wished she had never heard. One of them began, “I feel a bit sorry for those elves, they don’t know they’re going to die every time they go and meet the king”.

The other replied “Oh Sssshh, we don’t want anyone of them to hear us you fool!”

On the day of the meeting, Clara was dragged out of her room and kicked unmercifully into a cave and chained to the wall. Just then a silhouette crept slowly out of the darkness towards her. She knew it was not a guard or the king himself. It was something else, but she didn’t know what…….

As the beast stepped out of the shadow and revealed its form, Clara was petrified and her heart was beating like a drum and her breathing was fast. It stood before her, his needle point horns reminded her of the devil. It was twice as tall as any human, with huge wings, and a bird like beak pointing at her like an arrow ready to be fired from a bow. It had muscles the size of cartwheels and stone armour covering every inch of its hairy skin. This was a beast that not even the great Hercules could fell.

Without hesitation, Clara started to sing an enchanted song to hypnotize the beast. The beast froze like he was trapped in ice, and swayed from side to side as if about to fall to sleep. Clara instructed the beast to unlock her chains to free her. When Clara was free, she knew the spell would only last 15 seconds so she quickly chained the monster to the wall to stop him following her. As fast as she could, she darted towards the mouth of the cave and counted the seconds in her mind. 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1………

The monster had awoken and in rage. It roared as loud as a lion and charged after her at such a force, the chain on the beasts hoof went tight. The rocks where ripped off the wall of the cave, causing the roof of the cave to collapse and crush the beast.


It turned out, it was the power of the monster that led to his own demise……………


Clara was free and the King without his beast was forced to surrender. Clara was made a hero.



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