Year 2 Ennis – Tuesday

Good morning Ennis class and happy Tuesday!

Amazing Antartica is the text of the day for Reading.

Read the text and answer the questions carefully. How did you get on yesterday? The answers have now been added so you can check your answers. Please email me with any work you have completed.

Did you enjoy listening along with me reading yesterday? We’re so close to the end of the book now and it’s getting exciting!

Thank you to Beau and Bethany for sharing their pictures with me of them reading along with the book.

How did you get on with your text map yesterday for English? A special mention to Bethany who sent me her text map yesterday. She persevered and completed hers before looking at mine. Well done Bethany!

Today’s English activity is to use some good quality sentence starters to make up silly sentences about your Pirate. Here’s an example for a Dragon.

The majority of rainbow dragons are only 3 feet tall.

Some rainbow dragons eat smelly cheese.

Occasionally, the rainbow dragon likes to have a hot bath.

Can you send me your silly sentences when they’re finished? I’d love to share some on the Blog!

Miss McGarrity has uploaded the answers for the maths activity yesterday. Check your answers. Did you get any wrong? Don’t worry if you did – that’s how we learn! Have a look back over them and see where you can improve.

Today its finding a quarter of an amount. Remember to email if you have any problems.

Well done to everyone who’s been on TTRS and Numbots. Sometimes I like to play the games too when I have a little break. I wonder if you can try and beat me? I’ll post my score tomorrrow!

Have a great day Ennis Class!

Miss Gedney

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