Hello Murray Class!

Hello Murray Class!

I hope you have had a good day. So, it was Day 2 for me doing PE with Joe Wick’s as I was in school today. Earlier, my body did not ache but now I can definitely feel all of the muscles that I have been exercising…ouch!! It really is a great way to start the day though so I shall definitely be keeping it up on the days that I am at home!

I hope you have had a good day with your Home Learning. Thank you to all of those who have emailed me. It has been great to see how you are getting on at home. Today, for English, you needed to start to create your own report about a pirate by changing some of the bits in red from the Rainbow Pirate to your own ideas. One of my favourite reports that I read today was about a Star Pirate.

I hope you have a relaxing evening!

Miss McGarrity

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