Happy Tuesday Reception – we’re playing schools in our activities today

It’s Tuesday Reception, that means that some more new reading books have been uploaded to
Tapestry. Today we’re going to have fun playing schools. You will need five teddies or dolls because we are going to use them in our activities, including in our maths session where we will be practically sharing some sweets between the teddies. Can you remember the rule for sharing in maths? I know, it’s “One sweet for you, two sweets for Mrs Richards.” Is that right?

Login to Tapestry to find out more about our maths sharing, our Kinetic Letters work, our Tricky Word sentence work and of course to see your new reading books. We look forward to you sharing your work with us on Tapestry for us to see, comment on and assess. My favourite photo this week was seeing one of our Reception girls loving reading so much that she’d fallen asleep with a good book in her hand, but she was just too engrossed to put it down. I’m glad I’m not the only one who falls asleep and drops my book. 📚

Have a good day everyone,

The Reception Team


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