Good morning Ennis Class!

Good morning Ennis Class! How are we all? I hope you had a lovely weekend. The sun came out shining for some of the time which was lovely to see!

Today is May the 4th and they call it ‘Star Wars Day’ because we say ‘May the Fourth be with you!’

May The 4th Be With You: All The Songs and Memes You Need To See

Is anyone still joining in with PE with Joe Wicks? I enjoyed the workout this morning. He did his 4 week challenge and I was pleased to see that I’d made a massive improvement on my scores from April.

This weekend it was my turn to set the family quiz and I enjoyed making a quiz based all around pictures for my family. I think they enjoyed it and we had a really good laugh! There were 18 of us in our quiz on Skype and it was really quite funny. Its lovely that we can see our families on a screen even if we can’t see them in person. I hope you’re spending time talking to your families too, I’m sure it brightens their day and makes them smile.

I hope you’re ready for another exciting week of home learning! Myself and Miss McGarrity have enjoyed setting your lessons this week on OneNote and I hope you enjoy them to. The theme for English and Reading this week is…dinosaurs!

Did Dinosaurs Really Have Feathers? | Britannica

Miss McGarrity LOVES teaching and learning about Dinosaurs and i had lots of fun planning your reading and English lessons all about dinosaurs. Hopefully you’ll learn something new about them and by the end of the week you will be dinosaur experts! Throughout the week you’ll be researching, writing captions, improving captions and then writing your own facts about a dinosaur of your choice to create a poster. This is all non-fiction. In reading, there’s a story you will hear over 4 days called ‘Tom and the Island of Dinosaurs’ and it’s a lovely story that I think you’ll enjoy.

In maths, there is a choice of comfort, stretch and challenge for lots of different calculations. You know the strategies to use so work all of these questions out carefully.

I will upload and read the next chapter of The Witches for you today so that will be ready for you tomorrow to enjoy.

Have a great day!

Miss Gedney


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