Year 1: Paddington: Weekend News

Good morning Paddington Class, happy Monday!

Todays spellings are: people, make, out, their, were, why

On the onenote there is now a tab called teacher videos. I will be uploading a video to say hello every now and then. In the same tab there is a video of me teaching the Jumper Family for Kinetic Letters. Each week I will upload a video of me teaching the letters for you to practice at home.

After the spelling test we would sit in a circle and share our weekend news in order to develop our speaking and listening skills.

On Friday night I completed a quiz with my friends. It was very funny as we weren’t very good and kept thinking we knew the answers when we didn’t, whoopps!!! On Saturday, I managed to go for a nice long walk with my dog Ruby. Due to the rain this week and me working, we hadn’t had a chance to go for a long walk so she was very excited and kept spinning around when I tried to put her lead on. In the evening I spent time with my family. We are all big Star Wars fans so we watched some of the original films. We have missed going out for dinner so we had a pretend pizza hut at home where we ate salad first and then our pizza. It was very tasty.

What did you do at the weekend? Remember you can email me with your weekend news and any learning you have completed from the onenote.

Miss Leatherland 🙂


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