Good morning Matilda Class!

Good morning Matilda Class, happy Monday!

On the onenote there is now a tab called teacher videos. Mrs Chamberlain and I will be uploading a video to say hello every now and then- watch this space! In the same tab there is a video of Miss Leatherland teaching the letter families from Kinetic Letters. Each week you can pick a video and practice the letters at home. Remember…

Pencil check!

Which monkey do I start writing from? Brave Bounce or Scared Skip?

Are my letters grounded and sitting on the line?

Are my letters snuggled? 

Did I do down, bump, flick?(When needed)


As it is Monday, let’s share our weekend news in order to develop our speaking and listening skills.

Over the weekend we have been on walks with my little boy. He loves to go out on his trike with the one condition that he gets to walk part of the way home! We are very fortunate to live near lots of fields, so have enjoyed looking at all of the colourful flowers! This is our favourite flower that we have seen so far, we have noticed there are lots of purple and pink flowers growing! Is this the same near your house?

What did you do at the weekend? Remember you can email me with your weekend news and any learning you have completed from the onenote.


Take care

Miss Twigg

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