Ennis Class – Reading Dens

Good morning Ennis Class and happy Tuesday!

I’ve been hearing from lots of you over the last 2 weeks and one thing that has come up a lot, is how you’ve been loving creating your own den to read in! I am loving how much you’ve all been reading. You’re all fantastic readers and this will be a fun way to enjoy your reading.

Where is your favourite place to read? I read in bed or on the sofa when I’m having a break from work at lunchtime. I’ve not made a den yet though!

This week, can you create a den to read your books in? You might like to create a den to finish reading the Witches! My last videos have been uploaded for this week and we’ll start a new book before the end of the week.

Your challenge this week now is to create a reading den and read in it. Where will you make your den? It could be in your bedroom, the living room, under the dining table or in the garden! You might like to create one with your family and read together in there. Please send me a picture when you’re done and I can share them on the blog.

Here are some ideas….I’m sure yours will be better!

Build a Children's Reading Den - Kids About Jersey - Medium

Rowan Power- Reading Den | Newdale Primary and Nursery School

Enjoy your dens!

Miss Gedney

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