Mozart – Learning About Light

Hello everyone!

I wanted to start today’s blog by saying a big well done to you all for such a great start to with your home learning for this week!

Your Science activity for this week is all about light and dark. There is a video clip for you to watch and some activities that involve you finding a range of house hold objects that are transparent, opaque or reflective. Another fun activity you could try linked to this is creating some shadow puppets. All you need to do this is a source of light (a torch would be perfect) and some puppets. You could use your hands to create different shaped shadows or you could use your sketching skills to draw and cut out your own puppets using some card. Can you work out how to make the shadow puppets look smaller or bigger? Can you guess which characters form these shadow puppets and which films they are from? I’ll let you know the answers in tomorrow’s blog.


Have a great day everyone!

Miss Harris

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