Year 1: Hello from Mrs Rosevear

Good morning Year 1. It is Mrs Rosevear here.  It is very strange not to say hello to you in your classroom or on the playground so I thought I would ask Miss Leatherland, Miss Twigg and Mrs Chamberlain if I could write you a blog and say hello this way instead.  They very kindly said yes so … here I am!


I hope you have been able to enjoy the sunshine over the past few days.  I wonder what fun you have been having in the gardens or on a walk in the sun. I have been taking my daily walks with my husband and my children.  I like it much more when it is warm and sunny and I remember how lucky I am to be able to enjoy this lovely weather.


I am so pleased to hear from your teachers that you are working hard and sending them pictures of your learning.  I know they are so proud of you all and your fabulous work.  They tell me that you have been working really hard practising your adding and subtracting this week.  Well done- I am very proud of you. I also know you have been writing to describe the things you might see and hear at the park. I am sure the sunny weather has helped you with this. I think you have been reading about Little Red Riding Hood too.  I wonder, do you have any other fairytales at home that you could read, maybe as a bedtime story?

There is one more surprise from me today.  I won’t tell you what it is- I will wait for you to discover it.  I hope you enjoy it though.


I must stop writing now because I know you have lots of learning to do.  Before I go, I would like to steal an idea from Mrs Haigh and Wiggins class.  They have been setting kindness challenges each day so I have one for you:  Can you find a way to help your mum or dad today?  Maybe you could make your bed, put your clothes in the washing basket when you take them off or set the table for tea? I wonder how kind and helpful you can be.


Have a lovely day you fabulous Year One children and then a great weekend.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the sun keeps shining. 😎


From Mrs Rosevear

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