Year 1: Paddington: Happy Monday

Good morning Paddington class and welcome back ready to start another week of home learning! This week in Maths you are learning all about money and will get the chance to create your own shop! In English, you will be learning about poetry and rhyme. Lastly, in Reading you will be looking at visualisation, sequencing and of course a love of reading.

Your spellings for the day are: don’t, children, could, about, called, I’m

On the onenote there is another video of me saying hello to you all to start the week. This week I have two helpers to say hello to you. Can you guess who might be in the video? Have you seen the videos of Mrs Rosevear and Mrs Egan reading stories yet?

After the spelling test we would sit in a circle and share our weekend news in order to develop our speaking and listening skills.

At the weekend I spent some time organising things in my room. I had a big Spring clean and donated clothes I no longer wear to the charity shop. I keep thinking this will give me an excuse to buy some more clothes hehehe. Once I had decluttered my wardrobe, I started to look at all the things in my room that I don’t use that could go in the attic. After my Spring clean, I went for a ride on my horse. He was very well behaved but got a little scared at some of the bunting that was out for VE day. I gave him lots of pats and he walked past them bravely. On Sunday I face timed my family up North which always makes me very happy. One of my cousins children is the same age as you and he was showing me the home learning he has been doing from his school. I had a lovely weekend and I am ready to start a new week.

What did you do at the weekend? Remember you can email me with your weekend news and any learning you have completed from the onenote.

Miss Leatherland 🙂

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