Mozart – We’re All In This Together!

Good morning everyone,

I hope you all had a lovely three-day weekend and managed to enjoy the sunshine. I’m guessing that lots of you will have seen the new video the teachers made last week to the song ‘We’re All in this Together’ – I hope it made you smile and laugh! I know the teachers had lots of fun and giggles learning the dance routines from the original song to put the video clip together. We have Mrs Chisholm to thank for her hard work in putting all of the video clips together to make the final video for you all! If you liked watching the video clip, perhaps you could have a go at learning a dance to your favourite song and making your own little music video!

I hope you are feeling refreshed and ready for another week of home learning. Your activities are all on the OneNote ready for you. Look out for some more video clips of Miss Vokes and myself reading some of the reading extracts to you and talking you through some examples in maths. We had lots of positive feedback from you to say you found this helpful so we will try do this as often as we can!

Have a fantastic start to the week everyone!

Miss Harris

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