Hello Ennis Class – National Numeracy Day

Hello Ennis Class, I hope you’re having a happy Wednesday!

Its Wednesday already…. – The New Forest Inn

Today is National Numeracy day so I have been looking at some puzzles this morning and thought I’d set you the challenge of working them out. Are you up for a challenge?

National Numeracy Day | 13 May 2020

Sort the Street

Age 5 to 7 
Here is a picture of nine of the houses in my street:

nine houses
Find as many different ways to sort them into groups as you can.

You may like to use this interactivity to drag the houses into groups.



Hundred Square Jigsaw 

Can you put the numbers in the 100 square back in the right place?




Age 5 to 7 

You will need to print off these eight cards, which have pictures of glasses of orange and blackcurrant juice on them. You need one set of these cards for your group.

Have a good look at the cards with everyone in your group. Talk to each other about what you notice. Can you sort the cards in different ways?

Now you are ready for the challenge. You will need to print off this set of clue cards. There are ten clue cards altogether.

Give the clue cards out to everyone in your group. Take it in turns to read your cards out loud. Listen out for instructions that tell you what to do, which are written on one or more of the cards.

Can you lay out the pictures of the drinks in the way described by the clue cards?

Happy Maths day!
Miss Gedney

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