Hello Ennis Class – Thursday

Hello Ennis Class!

Miss Garrard has kindly filmed a reading video for everyone to enjoy. She’s recorded herself reading one of her favourite books. You may remember this as this book is on our bookshelf in Ennis Class and I love it too. This story is all about friendship, bravery and courage. I have added the link to her story on our OneNote under the Ennis Class tab. Please enjoy this story and I know you’ll join me in saying a great big thank you to Miss Garrard.

The Lion Inside by Rachel Bright, Jim Field | Waterstones

I have also been sent some lovely pictures that I’m pleased to share with you. Libby went on a long walk and collected some wild flowers. She then came home and pressed them using a really heavy book, which they then laminated. Doesn’t it look amazing? Well done Libby! I’m sure that may inspire some of you to get creative in the garden.

Bethany has finished her entry for the NHS Superbear competition and she shared it with me yesterday. Here’s her lovely bear. Have you finished yours yet? Send it to me when you’re finished!

I’ve uploaded the next part of The Abominables and will upload a video of me reading it to you on Friday. I hope you enjoy it.

Have a happy Thursday!

Miss Gedney



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