Mozart – Alien Experts!

Good morning everyone.

I hope you are all feeling imaginative this morning because today’s English involves using your imagination and creativity! For today’s task, you need to imagine you are a world expert on aliens being interviewed. Using you imagination, you are going to answer each of the questions, using generalisers to help you. I know that all of you have a fantastic imagination and I am already looking forward to reading the answers you come up with!

In Maths today, you are going to be using bar models to represent multiplication and division questions. On your OneNote page, you will find a link to click on where you will be able to watch me talk through an example. Finally, your Reading activity is to read the next extract from The Explorer and answer some questions about this.

You have all been doing a great job this week – I hope you are really proud of yourselves. Remember, if you have any questions, or just want to tell me something exciting about your week or about any fun things you have been doing at home, you are able to e-mail me.

Have a lovely day everyone!

Miss Harris



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