Lennon-McCartney – Alien Friday

Good morning everyone! I hope you have all enjoyed this week’s home learning – I can’t believe we’ve got to Friday again already!! Today’s task in Writing is to design your own alien and write a character description. I loved seeing your drawings when we designed magical creatures a few weeks ago so I can’t wait to see what you create today – you all have such brilliant imaginations! Here are a few examples which we have also put on the English page but I am sure you will think of even more exciting creations.

I have also put some new videos onto the One Note – there is a new Class Reader video with Miss Joinson reading The Secret Garedn – can you spot her fluffy friend? Secondly, there is a new video in the Other Activities – Stories section. Here you will find a video of Miss Garrard reading a lovely story called The Lion Inside. Why don’t you have a listen of these today when you have completed your home learning, or perhaps you could watch them at some point over the weekend.

Have a great day today and a wonderful weekend!

Miss Vokes

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