Welcome to the New Week

Hello Everyone,

Did you all have a lovely weekend? I can see from the weekend news on your Onenotes that you have been busy.

Here are the top ten things I did this weekend-

  1. Found a bag of pebbles we had collected on a holiday last year- my daughters and I found some paint and painted patterns on them. Have you ever tried that? It was lots of fun and kept us busy for a whole afternoon!
  2. Played badminton in the garden.
  3. Started a 1000 piece jigsaw (there are still lots of pieces to fit in).
  4. Went for a long walk with my family around the local lake.
  5. Played cards and didn’t win one single game!
  6. Watched the birds coming and going in my garden- I think they have nests close by.
  7. Read the newspaper with a cup of coffee on Sunday morning.
  8. Watched Britain’s Got Talent and was very impressed with the opera singer!
  9. Chatted to my sisters, who live in Yorkshire, on the phone- sad that I haven’t seen them since February.
  10. Got ready for my week at school 🙂

It was a lovely weekend and I appreciated every minute of it. I hope yours was too.

Good night and I’ll chat again tomorrow.

Mrs Fennelly


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