Sunny Days

Good morning Wiggins and Robinson Class!

When I opened my curtains this morning I was instantly struck by what a beautiful sunny day it is, this afternoon is supposed to be very hot! It made me think about lazy days in the garden or park. Now, although we can’t really go out like we used to, we can still have fun at home, in our gardens, or even at the local park.

Today, I would like you to imagine you are going on the best picnic ever! Plan what you would pack to eat, drink and play with. What would you wear? Who would go with you? Don’t forget sun cream on your list! Try to get a bit of a healthy balance with some exercise and delicious food – you are allowed some treats though!

I would take a frisbee and a badminton set, some homemade lemonade, a colourful fruit salad and some cold pizza – I love cold pizza! Let me know what you would choose for your picnic.

Have a wonderful day

Mrs Haigh


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