Year 4 – Important Information

Hello Year 4! We just wanted to let you know that we have made a few changes to the Class Notebook on One Note so that it will hopefully load the content quicker for you. You have done so much incredible home learning that there is now too much on your Notebooks and it’s making it load slowly!!

We are going to copy your work from the last 6 weeks onto a new teacher notebook so that we can keep it all safe for you. This means that you won’t see your work on your Class Notebook from Monday 23rd March to Friday 15th May. Please don’t worry about this – you haven’t lost any of it! After half term, you may also find that your work from this week has moved as well – again, please don’t worry, we have got it all saved in a safe space. Hopefully, this will help with the pages loading quicker for you at home and will mean you don’t need to scroll through all of the days to find the current day’s work.

Keep up the amazing work, we are both incredibly proud of you all!

Miss Vokes & Miss Harris




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