Year 2 Ennis – Beautiful Butterflies!

Good morning Ennis Class, what a beautiful day! The weather looks delightful and I can’t wait to get out there later and enjoy the sun. I wish my laptop lead would reach to my balcony because then I could sit and work there. I’ll have to enjoy the sunshine from my window while I’m working and enjoy the balcony later.

Something exciting arrived in my email inbox yesterday and I’m so excited to share that Bethany’s caterpillars transformed into beautiful butterflies! The pictures are amazing and it’s really interesting to see such beautiful creatures up close. This reminded me of our life cycle work that we included on our topic page. If you haven’t done that work yet, you can have a go when you get time.

She sent me these pictures below with her caterpillar diary and I thought you’d love to read it. It’s really interesting and I learnt a lot from it. Well done Bethany! Can you spot the butterfly in the final photo? It took me a while!

I’ll be adding some more of our class reader pages tomorrow and Friday and I’ll read them to you for you to enjoy.

Enjoy the sunshine but don’t forget to wear suncream! Have a great day, stay safe,

Miss Gedney

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