Terrific Tuesday Reception!

Terrific Tuesday Reception!

We continue with school learning in our ‘bubbles’ and how quickly we have all taken new routines in our stride.

Our SUPER Reception are WHIZZING through their High Frequency Words. They are FLYING through their reading books. They are ZOOMING through writing using super powers to remember to include capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and even adjectives to make their writing more interesting! They are SPEEDING through their number work which includes addition and subtraction with numbers to 20, using different ways (number lines, counters, Numicon) to find the answers. They are DASHING through their Shape, Space and Measure work to include naming 3d shapes and talking about their features.

And still managed to find time to have snack, lunch, exercise, Jigsaw and play with friends 😀

Flash! Bang! Whizz! Kaboom! Fantastic Reception are in the room!

The Reception Team

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