Simba School Bubbles – Ice Investigation!

This morning when we got into school we found we had a problem…..the ‘under the sea’ play animals were trapped in blocks of ice! How will we ever get them out?


We each had our own block of ice to investigate, with animals inside to try and save! 


Luckily our Simba children had some fab ideas, and this morning they set to work trying to free the frozen creatures! Some of us decided it was time critical, and we needed tools to break the ice to free the creatures, whereas others decided to have a more relaxed approach, and found that due to the lovely sunshine we are having, it didn’t take long for the ice to melt away. 


We have had some brilliant discussions around the properties of ice and water, and the changes we have seen, the children loved being scientists, investigating and solving problems. Well done Simba class! 


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