Year 2…we need you!

Hello Year 2, I hope you’re having a lovely day.

This is your lunchtime reminder to send us your sports day scores!

You may not know this but I’m very competitive, and I would love for Ennis and Murray class to send their scorecards in for the SdS Virtual Sports Day. Here are the scores so far to spur you on.

Ennis Class points
Murray Class points

Where are you Yellow Wizards?! I’m a Green Dragon 🐉 and think we should be doing better! Show me your best keepie uppies, your longest standing long jump and some concentration faces in the egg and spoon challenge! Come on Year 2…we need you! Can we catch those Red Unicorns?

I’ll be watching my laptop this afternoon for all of your pictures! Miss Bland wants the scores by the end of the day. Watch this space for the results!

Miss Gedney

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