Year 1 :Growth mindset

Good morning Year 1! Last week all of the teachers had a meeting and one of the things we spoke about is growth mindset. We were thinking about the power of yet. How many times have you thought I can’t do this, this is too tricky, I don’t understand? I know if I was answering this I would say a lot of the time. What we look at in school is saying you can’t do it yet, you don’t understand yet.


I know many of you have conquered tasks that you have thought you couldn’t do yet in lockdown. With lots of practice, trial and error you have overcome that doubt and mastered the task.


Can you share with your teacher something you thought you couldn’t do but used the power of yet, determination and growth mindset to master the task? For example, I know many children in my class told me before lockdown they couldn’t ride a bike without stabilisers. Many of you have worked hard through Spring and Summer to get better and can now do it!!!


Remember I can’t do it yet!

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