Year 2 – Super Riddles

Hello Year 2!

I hope that you have had a brilliant day! Yesterday for English, you needed to read some riddles and use the clues to solve the riddle. Today, a riddle about a chimpanzee and a brown grizzly bear had been blown in the wind and it was your job to use the clues to put the two riddles back together. I hope you were able to use the clues to help you to put the riddles back together. Yesterday, I was sent a lovely riddle about a cloud. Thought it was really thoughtful and it got my mind thinking carefully about what the riddle was about. I hope you enjoy reading it like I did!

What am I ?
I can cry but I have no eyes
I can fly but I have no wings
A cloud
I hope that you have a lovely evening!
Miss McGarrity

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