Year 5 Haiku Poems

You may be wondering what a Haiku is? It is a traditional Japanese poem which has a few rules:

  1. A Haiku has three lines.
  2. Line one has 5 syllables.
  3. Line two has 7 syllables.
  4. Line three has 5 syllables.
  5. Haikus do not rhyme.

The Olden Days – by Thomas

Back then it was odd,

There was no technology,

Just playing old games.


Summer – by Chloe

Summer is so near,

Time to jump and cheer hooray,

It’s family time.


Rainbows – by Tate

The grey cloudy sky,

Clashed with the warm sunny day,

Then rainbows emerge.


Home – by Coby

Together we stand,

Although we are all at home,

Still friends forever.

Strange World- by Lily

There is a strange world,

School is closed but we still learn,

Busy in lockdown.


Teachers – by Oliver

Working at home now;

The teachers have helped so much;

Grateful, we are lots.


Outside – by Maddie

Sometimes when outside.

Sunshine follows heavy rain.

Rainbows show colours.


NHS – by Sam

Rainbows hanging up,

World in isolation,

Stay safe and apart.


School Picnic – by Lewis

Picnic with my friends

We all played a lot of games

It was so much fun


Mrs Chisholm was inspired by the picnic and wrote…

Together Again – by Mrs Chisholm

Huge smiles everywhere,

A community of friends,

Together again.




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