Rowling Class – Strings! 🎻

We had a VERY exciting afternoon today, we had our first whole class string lesson with Mrs Cliff and Miss B.

First, the children were given an instrument so in Rowling class we have 4 cellists and 18 violinists.

Then, we had to warm up! Can you remember the warm up song? I wonder if you can sing it at home to your family. It starts like this…

Up and a down and a forward and a back…

Then, we learnt the parts of a cello and a violin. It was really important to listen carefully because we are going to be quizzed on this next week. We have to understand the parts of a violin because Mrs Cliffe and Miss B will be using the correct technical language when in our violin lessons. Can you remember the parts? I’ve blacked out the parts here. See if you can remember any and tell your family.

It was then time to open the case and reveal our instruments! We had to carefully unzip the case and we could see our violins. We undid the strap and looked carefully to recognise the parts of the violin on our own instruments.

We were then introduced to the strings. We recognised the 2 strings that made the highest and lowest sounds. Can you remember what strings they were?

It was time to start plucking! The children enjoyed plucking the highest and lowest strings and we made a fantastic sound!

After enjoyed plucking the strings, it was time to pack up so we put the instruments safely away in their cases and packed them up ready for next week.

Everyone had a great time and we can’t wait to see the progress made in the next few weeks. We’ll keep you updated!

Well done Rowling class

Miss Gedney

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