Matilda Class

It has been a wonderful week of learning in Matilda class. My favourite part of our week was our PE lesson.

First, we started by stretching and warming up our bodies. Then, we practised holding different balances. We had to hold our balance still for 5 seconds. Some of us were a bit wobbly to begin with but when we focussed we could hold our balances perfectly. Next, we explored different ways to move such as: skipping, side stepping, running, twirling and hopping. After that, we looked at holding a starting position and an end position to show the beginning and end of our sequence. All children had a chance to show off their individual sequences showing a starting position, balance, movement, balance and an end position. Finally, we joined up with a partner and created a new sequence and shared with our peers. We had such a fun lesson that I forgot to take any pictures on the iPad!!! Perhaps, you could share your sequence at home with your family. I’m sure they would be really impressed! 😊

Based on our English learning this week, I wonder if you can spot any time adverbials that I have used in my blog today. Add a comment letting me know if you spotted any.

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

Mrs Chamberlain

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