Dahl vs Rowling! Who won the Times Tables battle?!

Over the past week, Dahl and Rowling have been in a times tables battle on Times Tables Rock Stars! It was an extremely close battle, with pupil’s from both classes trying their hardest to contribute to their class result. Over the 7 days, both Rowling and Dahl class have been in the lead, but it was Dahl class who came out as eventual winners, with a collective score of 10,632 compared to Rowling’s 8,036!

A massive WELL DONE to the winners Dahl class, and a giant WELL DONE to Rowling class for doing their very best. I am sure Rowling will be out for revenge in our next battle… I wonder who will win next time?

As it stands the score is Dahl class 1-0 Rowling class!

Mr Howley

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