Year 6 Digital Skills Club – Debugging and Coding

This week, we learnt all about computer programming and coding and we even had a go at debugging.







The term debugging seems a strange one to use to describe the fixing of errors in a program. Why do we call errors computer bugs in the first place? The answer harks back to the 1940s when renowned computer programmer Grace Hopper recorded the first-ever instance of a computer bug. The Harvard Mark II computer was an early electronic computer and used electronic relays to make calculations. When Grace ran her program, she consistently got incorrect results and had to try to identify the problem. Through further investigation it was discovered that a moth had flown into one of the electronic relays, short-circuiting the computer and producing incorrect results. Thus, the first ever-recorded instance of a computer bug was found!

We used Scratch to create projects and saved them in our Wakelet spaces.

Sam’s coding project

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