Forest School – Stick Man

Today Simba class came to Forest School and we had a brilliant morning out in the crisp, cold fresh air!

We started our session with eating our snack outside whilst listening to the story ‘Stick Man’ by Julia Donaldson, one of our favourite books. The children really enjoyed talking about their favourite parts and thinking of all the different ways we can use and play with sticks.

Then, during their exploration and play time, lots of the children decided they wanted to look for, and make their very own ‘Stick Man’. We found lots of interesting sticks of different shapes and sizes, and the children enjoyed creating their own stick people by fixing sticks together and using wool to create hair and clothes. The children were very specific about who their stick person was, we had Mummy sticks, Daddy sticks, princess sticks, and even giant stick men! It was then lovely to watch them take their stick people off into the woods to play and explore with. Some wonderful imaginations and great storytelling.

Well done Simba class, I hope the stick people you have made got home safely with you, and haven’t got lost or run away on an adventure on the walk home from school! Mrs Read 🙂


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