Year 3 Rowling – Thursday

Good morning Rowling Class! I’m up and ready for another day of Home Learning. I just wanted to say a big well done to you all for working so hard during this first week back at school. I’ve been so impressed with your attitudes to learning and commitment to learning at home.

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Today, you will see that Mr Howley has uploaded the next instalment of The Queen’s Nose and again, you can find this in the General channel. I’m really enjoying this story and can’t wait to see what happens next.

In each of your channels today you will find a new assignment for Reading, English, Maths, Spelling and Topic. For topic today it’s a fun science lesson looking at rocks! You will need to go on a rock hunt to find the resources to complete the investigation.

In English, I take you through the lesson today on a PowerPoint and tell you about our activities which include focusing on the new vocabulary in our Unicorn report, identifying some shades of meaning for words relating to occasionally and finally a reading as a reader activity, answering comprehension questions about the text we have learnt.

In Reading, I’d like you to complete a ‘Never heard the word’ grid which is our vocabulary starter. You need to identify which of the words you have heard before and know the meaning of, just like in our lessons. I read you a new text today via a Microsoft Stream and then you are going to summarise the main idea, focussing on what the moral of the story is.

In Maths, continuing our multiplication recap, you’ll find a link to a PowerPoint from Mr Howley. Click the link to open the powerpoint and the lesson will be on there for you. You’re going to be doubling and halving numbers into equal groups. Like yesterday, you can find objects in your house to help you with this activity.

There’s lots to do today but I know you can do it! Don’t forget to click hand in when you have finished and I shall look forward to feeding back on your work later.

Keep up the hard work!

Miss Gedney

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