Hello Year 2!

Hello Year 2! 

It was lovely to see you all this morning. I am so sorry that during the meeting I did not realise that you could not see each other! Tomorrow morning, hopefully I will able to click the right buttons so that you will be able to see each other. Fingers crossed!

This week, the story we are using is Leon and the Place Between and because the story is about magic, today you became magicians! You read some instructions and then performed magic tricks. I have loved seeing your videos and pictures of you doing your tricks. They really made me smile so thank you for that! In maths, it was great to see how you used the different strategies to subtract multiples of ten. For English, you main task was to create our own compound words and create a definition for your new word. One of my favourite words was a jellyroom. The definition of a  jellyroom was; a room made of jelly and you can bounce on everything. I really liked the sound of this room! Here are some other examples of the compound words that were created and definitions to match.

Well done for a great day children and I shall see you in the morning at 9:15 for our Teams meeting.

Miss McGarrity

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