Art and Craft Club – Daffodils

Thank you to all the Art and Craft Club members who have shared their sketches with me over the past week, you are doing great work and showing brilliant observation skills.  The next challenge is to draw, paint or make a daffodil.  I was excited to see that I could add daffodils to my shopping this week as they are my favourite flower and it is a sign that Spring is on it’s way!









I look forward to seeing photos of the daffodils you create.  I heard on the radio that some people are displaying daffodils in their window to spread some positivity and cheer like we did with rainbows in March, put your creations in your window for others to see and then try to spot some on your local walks.  It won’t be long before we’ll see the real daffodils swaying in our parks and gardens too!

Keep creating!

Mrs Egan

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