Matilda class, it’s the start of a new week…

Good morning Matilda class,

It is the start of a brand new week with lots more to learn and do. We have been so impressed with how well you are doing working from home and in school. We love seeing your videos, pictures and all of the work you are completing. Miss Twigg and I have awarded you all 10 dojo points for last week. I wonder how many you can get this week?

This week if you are working from home make sure you work hard, take plenty of breaks, get fresh air, exercise and most importantly try your best! We can’t wait to see you at the daily live meets.

Don’t forget to tell us all of the normal things that you would during weekend news like any special news, tooth fairy visits or new skills learnt.

Keep up the hard work!

Speak soon,

Mrs Chamberlain

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