Year 4 – Writing and Art

Good afternoon Year 4! I hope you are all having a lovely week so far. All of the adults in Year 4 are so impressed with the quality of your work and are looking forward to seeing how you finish off this week!

Today I would like to share some examples of some fantastic writing from today – these are the opening and build up sections of our ‘Mission Possible’ inspired stories all about our characters going on a special quest:


Maddie and Mark Marvelous were best friends as well as being close cousins. Maddie and Mark had a very inventive secret. Not a single person knew not even their Parents or Teachers. Their secret was that they had a magnificent machine. You may wonder what this magnificent machine did. Well it turned all bad things good! It was the most magnificent machine ever.

It all started when Maddie went to Mark’s house. They both loved to create and invent new things. Mark had an idea that they should make a machine that turned all bad things good. Maddie loved this idea so they set to work. They hammered and pushed till eventually the machine worked!

 One day on the way to school, Mark got a message on his phone it was from the Prime Minister saying he needed somebody with a machine and knew that Mark and Maddie would do the job perfectly. It read :  stop the dreaded Mr and Mrs Fussy who works at your school  taking over and turning the place so it was boring and perfect. Without hesitating ,Mark and Maddie accepted. What could possibly go wrong?


Tilly Telly was an ordinary 12 year old girl, who enjoys meeting with her friends, having a laugh, going to the cinema, dancing and doing gymnastics. She was the only child to an ordinary family and an ordinary life. Well, that’s what people could see on the outside. But what people didn’t see what was happening on the inside, as she was hiding a secret that only other person knew about. This was her best friend Molly Magic. The hidden secret was, Tilly had the power of Teleportation.

Back when Tilly was 10, she was involved in a science accident at school. This accident sent a shock through her body and sparked the secret power that was hidden. When sitting in her room with Molly, she was thinking of the beach when she clicked her fingers, suddenly with a zap she was teleported to the sandy beach that she was thinking about. Back in the room Molly was shocked see her best friend had disappeared in front of her eyes. As Molly was looking around the room Tilly zapped back onto the bed where she had been a few moments before.

One summer’s day Tilly was walking back from the lake with Molly laughing and singing together. When out of the corner of their eyes they noticed a dark shadow moving by towards a cave through the trees. They looked at each other, surprised at what they just saw. Nodding to each other Tilly took hold of Molly’s hand and clicked her fingers with the other hand, teleporting just inside the cave. As their eyes adjusted to the deep darkness of the cave, they notice a small flicker of candle light the other end of the dark tunnel. They slowly tiptoed along the tunnel making their way towards the light. Peeking their heads through the stone archway, seeing the cave opening up to a make larger cavern. They notice some rocks just inside the cavern and Tilly quickly teleport’s them to over to the rocks for them to hide behind. Peering over the rocks they see a crowd of dark shadows, looking closer they saw small monkey like creature’s that had red eyes, sharp claws, pointy ears and a mischievous grin. Ahead of the crowd stood a boy they knew from school only his eyes were now also red. His name was David Demon.


Tim Traveller and Ricky Roar worked in an exciting museum that held lots of dinosaur fossils and facts. The museum was in London and was known for it’s collection of very rare fossils that were not found anywhere else in the world. Tim and Ricky’s job in the museum was to give tours and show people the amazing artefacts which came from many different countries. They worked hard all day but they loved their job, it was the best job in the Universe! Even though they loved their museum tour jobs they also had another job, one which was top secret and only three people knew about. They were part of the Time Club, a group of people who could travel back and forward in time!

It all started on the fifth of December when they received a mysterious envelope in the post, covered in strange scribbles and markings. At first they didn’t know what it was but Tim and Ricky spent hours and hours cracking the code and worked out that it was an invite to the museum at night time! They went to the museum that night and saw the museum had changed a bit. It had turned purple and sparkly! As soon as they went inside they saw the inside was completely different! Magical books had replaced the fossils and jars of purple glitter had replaced all the facts. Walking further in they saw the manager of the museum behind the glass wall. On the glass wall there was a sign saying The Time Club in big letters. The museum manager told them they had been recruited to the Time Club because they were super clever and brave! From then on Tim Traveller and Ricky Roar worked for the Time Club, going on missions in the past and the future!



Luna Lightning and Steve Storm were best friends. They met each other every week day and then got the old, red double decker bus to school. Their favourite classes were Baking, Maths, English and Art but they were atrocious at them. They seemed ordinary but what nobody knew is that they had an undisclosed secret. They were secret agents! They had been on a boring Geography school trip and had seen a small, black and white sign saying “Kids wanted for spy work” and had applied instantaneously and got the job.

One burning hot, Summer’s morning, Luna and Steve were strolling around a large, green park with Steve’s small, brown dog called Bagel when suddenly Luna’s space themed backpack started to ring.  She opened the backpack rapidly and saw a large, silver book vibrating.  She took it out and took off her rose quartz necklace.  She layed it next to the book and the book opened in the blink of an eye.  Inside was a message from the Prime Minister. “Dear Lighting and Storm. We have very bad news. Disgusting Dan and Nasty Natalie have stolen my money from the bank! I need you to find it immediately or I will be poor! Thank you from the Prime Minister”.




Marry and Marriane Magical were the most utterly boring children – or was that just their disguise. They had an ordinary life, they lived normally with their family – that’s what everybody else saw. They had a big secret. The biggest of the biggest. One that nobody else would even think of. This secret is unknown to anyone, only the two sisters knew this secret. The secret is… Marry and Marriane Magical are witches!

The whole thing started when Marry and Marriane went to the library to find a school book but they found an odd, mysterious looking book. The sisters decided to investegate it when they got home. To their surprise, it talked, it told them all about the existance of witches, how to be one and where to go. The place was called’ Miss Cackles academy ‘. Every night, when not a sound was to be heard, they would back their bags and go. The sisters even got their first wand! Soon enough, they were exepted as the top girls so they would go on missions as it was their new duty.

Marry and Marriane were getting dressed when a letter appeared in front of them. The letter was from the Head Mistress( Miss Cackle). ” This looks like a serious one!” said Marry. ” It sure does!” replied Marriane as she was reading the letter. The letter said: Hello my fellow students, I have written a letter to tell you that Suspisious Steve and Notorious Nathen are back at it again! They are stealing priceless jewels and inserting them in their wands to have utimate power. Please complete this mission, for the sake of the world! This was alarming, very alarming.



Savanah and Simon Secret live at number 32 Cross’s Grange in Hartwell with their pet dog Floodle and their goldfish Flap. They go to SDS Avenue Primary School. Savanah is in year 6 and Simon is in year 4. They are completely and utterly normal…. or are they?

They live up to their surname and are very secretive. So secretive in fact that they are the national spies for the England Spy Team run by the government. Their missions have taken them to the treacherous waters of the amazon, the deepest darkest corners of Peru, to reveal the and reclaim precious royal rubies of China and even as far away as frozen icebergs of Antartica swaying in the ice cold water. No-one knew this until now. Are you ready to see how it all happened? Can I trust you to keep it a secret?

This all happened one sunny Friday afternoon when Simon glanced down at his jet black cell phone and saw that there was an alert from Boris Johnson informing him that there was a new mission. The alert said:

YOUR MISSION IS: To retrieve the Queen of England’s royal ruby-encrusted golden crown from an underground chamber deep under the river Thames, where it has been stolen and hidden for three tireless days. The Queen demands that it is returned with no damage to its rightful place in Buckingham Palace. The Queen is relying on you. This message will self-destruct once it has been read’.

Simon looked at Savanah. Savanah looked at Simon. Together they said ‘let’s do this tonight’.

I am sure you will agree that these stories are keeping us guessing and we are all excited to read what happens next!


I would also like to share some pictures of your Art work from today that have been sent in. There are some great examples of following the video and using shading techniques effectively.

Keep up the great work Year 4!

Miss Vokes

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