Year 3 – Welcome to Week 4

Good morning Year 3! Welcome to Week 4 of Remote Learning.
Wow! You’re doing such fantastic work at home and Mr Howley, Mrs Wood, Mrs Davies, Mrs Jordan and I are so so proud of you. We love looking at your work and enjoy feeding back to you every day. We’re now looking out for our next Star of the Week…I wonder who it will be on Friday?

This morning we’ll have another live meeting and there is lots to talk about today…snow! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend playing in the snow and enjoying building snowmen. I had a lovely wintery walk and I almost turned into a snowman! I was covered in snow.

This week we’ve got another great week of lessons planned. We start to innovate on our model text ‘How the Tortoise got his shell’ and in maths, we’re continuing with our 4 and 8 times tables, including looking at doubling and halving. In Reading we finish our unit on fables and stories with a moral and begin a new unit.

There are lots of topic activities too this week. Today, Miss Bland has sent you a football lesson! I wonder if you can go and play football in the snow today ? There’s a lesson on saying ‘Thank you!’ to a key worker and also some continuation on our Rocks topic in Science and our Romans topic in History.

Lots to get through this week but I know you can do it!

Keep up the hard work, let us know if you need any help and make sure you find some time to enjoy the snow!

Miss Gedney


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